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Protein Chunks
Dog Treats

A handy pocket friendly bar packed with tasty planet friendly protein.

  • Rich in protein
  • Perfect for active dogs
  • Only 1 chunk needed per walk
  • Soft baked texture

More than just a treat, these protein chunks are a hit of real nutrition for active dogs. Perfect after a long run.

These tasty crunchy cookies are packed with digestible, healthy, sustainable insect protein. Gently baked with chickpeas, carrot, apple and spinach. Feed a few to top them up after exercise and keep them happy till meal time.


Our grubs are packed with all the essential amino acids and healthy fats you’d find in bigger animals, with a host of unique extra benefits!


Our grubs are one of the few animal protein sources to be rich in antioxidants which can help support dogs’ immune systems.



The protein from our grubs is as easy to digest as chicken.
They’re a novel protein source, so dogs are less likely to be sensitive to Yora than meat or fish based foods.


Chitin is an amazing substance found in insects. In small amounts it acts as a natural source of fiber which is good for optimal digestion.



Our grubs are naturally rich in calcium and phosphorous which are essential for strong teeth and bones.



They’re a great source of omegas which are essential for great skin & coat condition, and other amazing benefits.


    Our Ingredients

    The sustainable and ethical alternative

    We all know that traditional animal farming is bad for the planet, and as animal lovers we care about livestock welfare.

    Our grubs have the highest welfare of any other farm animals! This is why vegan and vegetarian pet owners are choosing Yora as a healthier alternative to a plant based diet for pets.

    If they like our treats, they’ll love our meals!

    You start your day with a superfood breakfast, now so can your dog!

    Our delicious complete dry foods are made with best natural ingredients, gently cooked to conserve our grubs’ amazing superfood benefits.

    Discover Yora complete foods.

    Nutritional Info


    Insect Meal (50%), Peas, Vegetable Glycerine, Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, Dried Carrot (4%), Dried Apple (4%), Dried Spinach (4%), Dried Beetroot (0.1%).



    Crude Protein 28.1%, Crude Oils & Fats 11.7%, Crude Fiber 7.3%, Crude Ash 5.4%, Moisture 19%.

    Feeding Guide

    Feeding Guidelines

    Up to 10 treats per day. Treats are healthy in moderation. Please take good care when feeding and supervise at all times. Ensure fresh drinking water is available. Store in a cool dry place.


    Environment impact to produce 10kg protein

    We care about the welfare of all animals. Our grubs are raised and collected to the highest welfare standards of any other livestock, with the lowest environmental impact. So now your dog can eat as ethically as you do!

    Environment impact to produce 10kg protein

    Environment impact to produce 10kg protein

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