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Our people,
our story

Yora was born on the 28th of June 2015. We had an idea that has changed the pet industry, and sparked a seismic shift in the way people think about insects, pets and our place on the planet.

Eight years on, Yora is now available in 28 countries, and our amazing superfood grubs have changed the lives of countless pets around the world.

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A train, a snack,
a eureka moment

After 20 years designing for the pet industry, Tom was trying to figure out how to make pet food more sustainable... the eureka moment happened on his journey home one day. He picked up a protein bar made from crickets.

The lightbulb flashed above his head, if insects are good enough for people why can’t we feed them to our pets?

Tom, Glenn and a talented team of pet professionals, animal nutritionists and entomologists set to work developing the world’s first range of insect based pet foods.

We found our
superfood star!

Our team of expert nutritionists spent the next two years auditioning insects looking for the world’s most nutritious insect that could provide cats and dogs with everything they need.

After all of our research, analysis, field trips, insect tastings (yes, insect tastings) we settled on the incredibly nutritious larvae of the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia Illucens).


The magic happens
in the test kitchen

We assembled a team of the best animal nutritionists and chefs on board to make the perfect, most delicious and complete food possible.

We created recipe after recipe, until we created our most delicious batch. Yora #24... the secret ingredient that made it so palatable was insect oil!

We were the first pet food in the world to use insect fat, and this is why Yora pets have such incredible glossy coats.

Yora is ready
for the big time

At the end of 2018 we filled our first bags of Yora and they hit the shelves.

We didn’t know if customers would be ready for such a new concept in pet food, but when they came back and told us about all of the improvements they were seeing with their pets’ health we knew we were right...

...Insect protein is the future!

A full range of
treats and wet food!

As demand for Yora grew, we seized the opportunity to create a full ecosystem of sustainable insect powered foods and treats.

We now have complete dry foods for all breeds and life stages, succulent insect superfood pate, plus a range of delicious treats!

Welcome to
the club, cats!

Cats have very different nutritional needs from dogs, so we spent two years working with the world’s leading feline nutritionists developing the recipe.

Yora Cat has over 60% insect (more than double other insect based cat foods) which makes it our most delicious recipe yet!

We’re just waiting for AAFCO to approve insect protein for cats.

Yora USA is here.
New look, new recipe, new continent!

Produced right here in the USA, using only the finest natural ingredients sourced wherever possible from US suppliers.

Our grubs are from the heartland of America, farmed out of Maysville, Kentucky.

The best bugs
from bourbon country

Yora depends on the best quality, highest welfare grubs, which is why we have partnered up with Enviroflight, the USA’s leading producer of Black Soldier Fly ingredients.

Not only are they on the cutting edge of this incredible new sustainable protein source, they are also a fantastic team to work with!

Made in the
heart of Ohio

At YORA we set very high standards, so finding a co-packer who could meet those was no easy task.

BrightPet stepped up to the plate and have been instrumental in helping us develop and manufacture our products here in the USA out of their amazing facilities in Lisbon, OHIO and Kiel, Wisconsin.



We are so confident that you will love our insect powered superfood, that we offer a full refund if your pet doesn't enjoy it. We kindly suggest a donation to charity or share it with a friend with no return to us necessary.

Our customer service team are on hand for any questions you have, please email us here.