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Meet the Yora Explorers

Thousands of #yoraexplorers are feeling the benefits of an insect based diet

Her fur is gorgeous, plus and skin no longer painful

My eight year old cat, Pixie, suffers from an unknown allergy that makes her skin itchy and irritated. After switching to Yora, this is the first time in her life that her fur is gorgeous and plush. More importantly her skin isn't causing pain or discomfort.
via Facebook

Sorted out his allergies where medication couldn't

I can safely say that Reggie enjoys Yora and gets excited when a delivery arrives. This great pet food has sorted out his allergies where prescriptions from the vet couldn’t.
& Reggie

This food saved my dog's life!

Nothing was working in controlling my 14-year-old border terrier’s chronic colitis and diarrhea, including an expensive veterinary hydrolyzed-protein diet. As a last throw of the dice we introduced Yora and the change was almost immediate. We have a much happier dog, who’ll now hopefully enjoy a longer and healthier old age.

The protein bars pack a punch!

We took Yora protein bars with us when we climbed a mountain with our three dogs. They went crazy for the flavor and got a well-needed energy boost! Within minutes they went from being a little fatigued to bouncing around! I highly recommend them as they certainly pack a punch.

Yora has helped so many of our dogs

Yora’s food donations have helped so many dogs at our Animals in Need charity in Northamptonshire and we’re glad that we discovered a brand that’s better for the planet and has great ethics. Not only that – my own dogs gobble it up and it’s made a huge difference to their skin and coat health.
Yora Ethical Rescue Program member

All my dogs are fed on Yora

I’d recommend Yora to anyone after seeing the direct benefits of this amazing food. I have 18 dogs and previously, I'd never found such a good food that suits them all. They love it and it's great for the environment, too! Since joining Yora’s Ethical Breeders Club, the team has been my ‘go to’ for advice and support.
Yora Ethical Breeder Programe member

The best food my mum has found!

My name is Edna, I slowly stroll around, I love my special hugs, And my Yora bugs, The best food that my mum has found! I’m 23 (and a half) years old, But I’m still a feisty cat, If someone sleeps in me bed, Well, I’ll bop them on the head, And that will be the end of that! Love Edna x
& Edna

Really pleased with Yora

Despite being on a grain-free diet with a high-meat content, our Rottweiler, Bruce, always had ongoing issues, including poor coat health, reoccurring eye infections, stomach problems and bouts of hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). After switching to Yora, he looks amazing and the difference has been incredible. I only wish I'd gone down this route sooner.
& Bruce

The cats love it!

I originally tried Yora because it’s a sustainable pet food, but stuck with it because the cats love it!

After the first bag it was like a miracle

After buying the first bag, it was like a miracle. My dog’s skin stopped being itchy and flaky, she stopped gnawing her paws, she slept more at night, was active during the day, and wanted to play and walk for longer. I’d never switch back to a traditional meat-based diet. Yora is brilliant.

She's never looked so shiny!

My labrador has allergies, so I was really worried about finding a dry food that worked for her. But Yora has been amazing and she’s never looked so shiny! She also loves Yora Pâté spread on LickiMats and interactive toys.

They're both still obsessed with Yora

I was very skeptical that my two cats would enjoy Yora, but after a few months of feeding they're still obsessed with it! I can see a real difference, especially their healthy coats, and they don’t beg for food anymore, which is a bonus! Yora is an absolutely fantastic pet food.
& Loki

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