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Frogg Tug of Paw Dog Toy

The Frogg Tug of Paw is the ultimate eco-friendly tough tug toy. Created by canine behaviourists to provide your dog with exciting interactive play.

Created with sustainably sourced natural rubber, the Frogg Robert is designed to be incredibly tough and long lasting. By using sustainably sourced rubber, Frogg can protect habitats from deforestation. By harvesting and air drying this habitat friendly rubber in the traditional ways, it ensures this dog toy has optimum strength and durability. A rubber toy that lasts longer, saves you money and of course keeps your dog happy.

The Tug of Paw is fantastic for indoor exercise with your dog and for use as a non-food-based reward. The durable nature of this toy means your dog can thrash their new favourite tug without fear of breaking.

Ideal for dogs of all ages and perfect for any playtime.



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