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Dental Sticks

For large dog breeds. Packed with amazing insect protein, plus apple & mint for fresh breath.

  • Special fibres actively remove plaque
  • With SHMP for tartar control
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for all dogs from ages +4 months




Stick it to plaque and bad breath with insect powered dental sticks.

The unique lattice structure and natural active ingredients reduce plaque and the build up of tartar. They're packed with bioavailable calcium for super strong teeth, apple and mint for fresh breath, and lots of healthy insect superfood protein.

These are our insect superfood powers...



The world's most sustainable protein source is also one of the healthiest.


Novel Protein

Our grubs are as easy to digest as chicken, so they’re perfect for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
Recommended by vets for dogs with food intolerances.

Antioxidant for
Immune Support

Our grubs are packed with antioxidants, which have been shown to actively reduce harmful inflammatory and immune responses in dogs.

Healthy Joints
& Bones

Each kg of insect meal provides 37,000mg of glucosamine for healthy joints & tendons, and they’re rich in calcium and phosphorous for strong teeth and bones!

Gut Health

They contain anti-microbial peptides and chitin, which work together to promote healthy gut flora and reduce nasty bacteria for perfect poops.

Healthy Fats
For Body & Brain

Insect fat is our miracle ingredient. Rich in healthy fats like lauric acid which is great for skin, coat and brain health.



Dehydrated insect protein (27%), pea starch, vegetable glycerine, peas, potato starch, vegetable fibre (4%), dried apple (4%), minerals (including 0.6% sodium hexametaphosphate), mint (2%), yeasts, dried vinegar.



Crude Protein 20%, Fat 4%, Crude Fibre 7.6%, Crude Ash 5.5%, Moisture 20%. Metabolisable Energy: 258 Kcal/100g.



Tocopherol extracts from vegetable oils 110 mg per kg.

Feeding Guide

No Feeding Guide

Clever sticks for fresher kisses

Plaque is the number one cause of bad breath. Yora Dental Sticks have a special star shape and unique fibres which helps clean plaque off all the way to the gum line.

Used alongside regular brushing, these tasty treats can help keep your dog's teeth strong and healthy.

The sustainable and ethical alternative

We all know that traditional animal farming is bad for the planet, and as animal lovers we care about livestock welfare.

Our grubs have the highest welfare of any other farm animals! This is why vegan and vegetarian pet owners are choosing Yora as a healthier alternative to a plant based diet.

If they like our treats, they’ll love our meals!

Our delicious complete wet and dry foods are made to be mixed! Made with best natural ingredients, and gently cooked at lower temperatures to conserve our grubs’ amazing superfood benefits.

Make sure you use half the amount of each to avoid overfeeding!

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