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Our insects are a true superfood

Meet our amazing
superfood grubs

Our grubs (aka Hermetia Illucens) have all the essential amino acids you’d find in bigger animals, with a host of unique extra benefits!

Packed with highly digestible, novel protein, super healthy fats and antioxidants all in a perfectly formed nutritious package.

They are officially a superfood!

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Immune boosting antioxidants

Studies have shown that unlike meats like chicken or beef, our insect protein has strong antioxidant properties.

These have been shown to suppress inflammation related diseases in pets, such as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease.

They're especially important to puppies as their immune system develops.

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Protecting their inquiring minds

Our grubs are rich in healthy fats like lauric acid which is great for a healthy skin and coat.

Studies have also shown that lauric acid actively improves cognition in older dogs, even those with dementia. This is why Yora is perfect for clever dogs as they get older - to keep them looking and thinking sharp.

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Really and truly hypoallergenic

Most dog food sensitivities are triggered by meats. Our grubs are a novel protein source, which means dogs are much less likely to be sensitive to them.

As a novel protein source, insect protein is perfect for dogs with meat intolerances. We guarantee you won't find another source of animal protein in our food.

Yora is helping dogs around the world to conquer their allergies and skin conditions.

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Promoting healthier guts (and poops)

Our grubs are gentle on the stomach because they’re every bit as good as chicken!

When they move to the gut, their anti-microbial peptides plus a small amount of chitin (which is a fibrous polysaccharide found in insects) work together to promote healthy gut flora, reduce unhealthy bacteria and encourage healthy stool formation.


As a vet I know how important good nutrition is to pet wellbeing, and insects are an exciting new source of protein and healthy fats.
Both my dogs love Yora and I’ve noticed a big improvement in their fecal consistency, and I often recommend it to clients and colleagues.

Natalie Morris BVSc MRCVS Cert AVP
Director, Malthouse Veterinary Group

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