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Message From Yora’s Md On Supporting The Pets Of Ukraine With U-Hearts

Published date: 20 January 2023

Hello everyone,

With the war ongoing and the temperature dropping, the pets and people of Ukraine continue to desperately need our support. The U-Hearts Foundation is working hard to provide aid to homeless and stray animals. This incredible organization was founded in 2020 and has already helped feed and house 67,884 dogs and 37,620 cats.

Since we started our partnership with the compassionate team at U-Hearts, we have donated 23 pallets of Yora food, which is 5,032 bags, to the hungry pets of Ukraine. This food will be essential in keeping animals fed and improving pets’ quality of life over the winter season.

Over 14,400kg of food has been distributed to the seven regions of Ukraine where there are pets desperately needing help:

Zhytomyr - 110 lbs

Zaporizhia- 1111 lbs

Poltava - 5291 lbs

Kharkiv - 16,137.8 lbs

Kyiv region - 26.4 lbs

Nikopol - 79.3 lbs

Dnipro – 5086 lbs

Kherson region – 3086.4 lbs

This food has gone to pet shelters and volunteers who foster abandoned pets and IDPs (these are internally displaced people who have been forced to leave their homes during the conflict).

Some of the donated food has also made its way to kennel clubs that are teaching remarkable service dogs to aid the Ukrainian army.

It truly warms our hearts to see Yora reach those who are so desperately in need. However more support is always needed. U-Hearts have launched Operation Paw-Prose which is an initiative asking supporters to purchase winter hampers packed essentials such as food, blankets, and medical supplies.

Every donation helps, so if you wish to support U-Hearts you can make a donation here. We will continue to donate and spread the word about the compassionate and hardworking team at U-Hearts.

To keep up to date with the campaign follow us on Instagram.

Thanks for reading,

Glenn Rankin
Managing Director



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