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Top Reasons Why Insects Are A Great Alternative For Vegetarian Dog Owners

Published date: 01 November 2019

There are plenty of reasons why Yora is better for pets and the planet, but why choose Yora over vegetarian diets?

Yora is a healthy and ethical way of feeding your pet, we believe that pets need animal protein to thrive but that doesn’t necessarily need to come from our farmyard friends.


1). Once the larvae are at the end of their larvae life stage, we pass them through cold water so that they go into hibernation, this is something that they would naturally do in the winter months and puts them in a dormant state. They are then very quickly euthanized using a high-speed blender, having lived 80% of their life compared to an average of just 1.5% of the average life of a chicken used for meat.

2). We believe insect protein is kinder because we have high animal welfare standards. Our grubs live in a mimicked natural farming environment, kept at an ideal climatic temperature and fed quality, organic, plant-based by-product. We have so much respect for our grubs and understand that they are delicate animals and pay close attention to the wellbeing of the insects.

3). Our insects are not needed to be given antibiotics or hormones, which are used in many intensive meat farming methods, so they cannot be passed on to your dog through consumption. The absence of these synthetic aids stops problems with development and illness associated with their consumption.

4). Insects are a more sustainable source of protein because insects use less land, water and energy to be grown than some vegetables (such as soy) or conventional meats.

5). Our insects provide vital amino acids, minerals and vitamins which means we don’t need to add lots of synthetic ingredients to boost our food, we use only natural preservatives and no artificial colors, keeping your dog’s tummy happy.

Why not give Yora a try and see the insect protein difference? Vegetarian pet owners all over the country have already made the switch.



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