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Why Insects Are Better For Your Dog (And The Environment) Than Meat

Published date: 31 October 2019

Yora is one of the world’s most sustainable pet foods, using only insect protein, sustainable vegetables and a blend of natural botanicals. We focus not just on sustainability but also nutrition.

Environmental experts have long held insects as a sustainable alternative to meat-based dog food. With even supermarket chains stocking bug treats, it’s clear that insects are the NEW nutritional and sustainable alternative protein source.

Here are a few reasons why Hermetia illucen larvae, or as we like to call them, ‘little miracle grubs’ are so good for your dog and for the environment!

  • They are a sustainable source of protein

  • A study into meat production by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy showed that the meat and dairy industry is on track to surpass oil companies as the primary greenhouse gas emitters. Yora’s grubs on the other hand are a sustainable protein source raised in Holland on a high-tech vertical (space saving) farm. Insect farming uses up to 95% less water than beef farming and produces up to 88% less greenhouse gases than chicken farming.

  • They are very nutritious

  • Yora has been expertly combined by nutritionists to ensure your pet is getting all of the nutrients they need. Our miracle grubs have been selected because of their complex amino acid, mineral and protein profile which keeps your pet in tiptop shape! They are also delicate on the stomach and perfect for dogs who have protein allergies. Unlike traditional meat-based dog food, your pet won’t have developed any intolerances towards our insects!

  • They taste great

  • We trialled 29 different recipes to get Yora just perfect (even fussy eaters can’t resist Yora!). Our grubs give off a delicious smell for pets (not detectable to humans), which is just one of the reasons why they love it so much. It’s so nutritious, even humans can eat our grubs. We’ve all tried it at Yora HQ (it tastes like cheesy mushroom!).

Don’t just take our word for it…

Our miracle grubs are truly, well, miraculous. Not only are they great for the planet but great for pets too. Try Yora today, we offer a money-back guarantee for anyone not completely satisfied!



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