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Why Would You Switch From Meat-Based Pet Food To Insect-Based Pet Food?

Published date: 01 July 2019

The pet food industry has seen trends come and go, from raw to cold pressed to human grade, all undoubtedly created to help benefit our pet’s health in some sort of way. The problem with these meat intensive products is that they require a huge amount of energy, land and water to produce them. So, what if there was an alternative protein that was natural, as nutritious as meat, but was far better for the environment? Well, it turns out there is, insects.

Frankly, the thought of eating insects seems so far removed from the western diet that insects for our pets might seem like an odd concept. Let me first remove the thought of creepy crawlies from your mind. Yora uses only Hermetia illucen larvae, which look a little like chubby meal worms, they have a complex amino acid structure which is why they were specially selected for Yora. They are also super delicate on the stomach, proven to be even gentler than chicken which means that you can expect firm stools and better digestion for your pooch.

Insects use a tiny fraction of land in comparison to other animals and require far less food and water. Our grubs are fed on waste vegetable matter that would otherwise go to landfill. They also produce an excellent fertilizer as a waste product which helps farmers to grow more crops.

Insects are a low-ranking animal so have evolved with very different condition receptors to higher ranking animals such as pigs. We feel that feeding insects is kinder than feeding animal meat, although this is a difficult subject and up for discussion. Insects are believed to not experience stress like animals do and they are grown in an environment which mimics their natural lifestyle.

Our grubs were also selected because of their incredible conversion rate of protein to growth. With just a teaspoon of eggs we can collect 100kg of protein in just 14 days which means that there is no need to assist growth with hormones, which is common in commercial agriculture. Our grubs are also disease free so no need for anti-biotics. Hormones and anti-biotics can be passed on through ingestion of meat which could affect your pet’s development. The subtraction of this means your pet is getting an all-natural protein source.

Yora is leading the revolution in insect-based pet food, with the highest concentration of insect protein on the market, at 40% it rivals even some meat-based pet foods. We use a combination of Insect Oil, which is a little like salmon oil; it’s high in omega 3 and 6, which is vital for optimum brain and eye health. Freshly Prepared Insects, which is our grubs in their natural state, they taste delicious, and Insect Meal which is particularly high in protein to keep muscles toned and skin & coat in top condition.

Ultimately here at Yora we really care about the health of pets and Yora was designed with the health of our pets in mind. Yora aims to reduce our pets’ carbon pawprints one bag at a time, why not give it a try?


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