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Meet the Yora Explorers

Thousands of #yoraexplorers are feeling the benefits of an insect based diet

Finally a food he loves

I re-homed Mac to replace my previous PTSD support dog who’d passed away. He arrived in need of TLC, lots of training and an improved diet, but after switching to Yora the difference was clear. When we open the food cupboard, he stands to attention and we’ve noticed his coat is super shiny and less smelly. Mac loves it!

Buying Yora is the best decision I ever made!

I started feeding Yora to my two frenchies around a year ago. It was the best decision I ever made – they both love it! One of my girls suffers from a chicken allergy, but Yora has really cleared up her itchy skin and ears. They also like the Dreamers and Rewards treats and the wet food is brilliant for LickiMats.

A great alternative to meat-based dog food

My vet recommended Yora as my dog had an allergy and we wanted to eliminate meat from her diet to stop an ongoing eye issue. She loves it and my other dogs do too, which makes feeding time easy.

Bella is thriving on Yora

Bella Blue has many food intolerances, so it was great to find a pet food that she enjoys and gives her the right nutrition. Having a regular delivery service is the icing on the cake.
& Bella

They wolf it down!

I’d been looking for a planet-friendly dog food, so when I saw Yora in my local pet shop, I thought I’d try it. My dogs love it so much, they try to eat from their food bowl before I've put it down! One of them usually has a sensitive tum but is fine. No problems at either end!!! I will be buying this again

Brilliant product

I’m so pleased that I’ve finally found some biscuits that my cat loves and can easily tolerate. The hedgehogs love them, too! Yora also has a prompt delivery service and eco packaging. What a brilliant idea!
& Tiggy

Tastier than their old insect food!

My cats weren’t that keen on their other insect food brand, so I tried this with its higher % of insects and they love it! I’m so pleased because I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint. I’m vegan but the cats need meat, so this is perfect!

A game changer for my Collie!

Yora has been an amazing game changer for my collie who was unwell and couldn’t tolerate any food. My vet recommended a change of diet, so after some research, I discovered your brand. Thank you so much. Yora also has a great delivery service, with well-packed products and prompt delivery, and I recommend it to all my friends.

Now happy and healthy!

When Bramble was rescued, she only had small patches of fur because of atopic dermatitis. After a few months of eating Yora she's looking and feeling fantastic!

Prefers Yora!

Stitch was very excited to try out his new Yora food, I love how everything is eco-friendly and good for the planet. Stitch prefers the Yora treats over the normal treats I buy!

Sustainable, healthy and delicious!

Gizmo is a fussy eater, that is until we discovered Yora. The variety of insect based treats and food is brilliant for every occasion! To summarize: sustainable, healthy & delicious.

Perfect training treats

Sharky says the treats are very tasty. Human think they are perfect training treats, easy to break into smaller pieces and do not crumble. They will be our regular treats.

A step towards living more sustainably

I love the idea of feeding my dogs natural food that is much easier for them to digest than standard dog food. It's wonderful that by choosing Yora for my dogs I am making a step towards living more sustainably.

Keeping Casper fit & healthy

Casper is super excited whenever I get out some Yora food or treats, they must taste great! I love that all of the products are premium quality and keep Casper fit and healthy, while reducing his carbon footprint! An amazing range which is the most sustainable way to feed your dogs and protect our planet!

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