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A Guide To Novel Protein In Pet Food

Published date: 13 March 2023

Research states that beef and chicken are the most common dietary allergens for our pets. Unfortunately, avoiding these common meats, can be a real challenge, due to their popularity across the pet industry.


Our superfood insects are a fantastic source of novel protein. So, if you have a more sensitive dog or cat, choosing grubs over traditional meat could be the end of itchy skin and delicate tummies. 


What is a Novel Protein?

This is a protein (typically from the main meat ingredient) not commonly found in commercial pet foods.  

Chicken, Beef, and Salmon are found across many dog and cat food brands. Many pets are exposed to these through their main diet, a wet topper, and even chews and treats.

The more exposed to the ingredient your furry friend is, the more chance of an allergy or hypersensitivity forming. This can lead to lots of health concerns, from extreme itchiness and fur loss to digestive disorders.

Insect provides the perfect novel protein source as they are easily digested and not widely used across the industry. This is the reason you won’t find another source of animal protein in our foods, treats or chews.


Why use a Novel Insect Protein Source?

Constant itchy skin or upset tummies are distressing for pet and owner. Novel insect protein can completely change the quality of life for an animal that is suffering from allergy or sensitivity.  

Our insects power our dogs and cats and give them everything they need to thrive. Alongside containing all the essential amino acids found in larger animals, BSFL have a whole bunch of other benefits:

·      Antioxidant Properties - These insects have strong antioxidant properties which aid the immune system of our furry friends.

·      Rich in Lauric Acid - Our grubs are packed with healthy fats, which greatly benefit skin and coat. Lauric Acid also aids in improving cognition in older dogs. A true dose of brain power!

·      Anti-Microbial Properties - this means our grubs support stool function and aid in promoting healthy gut bacteria.

Look at the research involving our innovative insects.

Pssst: Novel insect protein isn’t just better for your pet, it’s better for the environment.  The science tells us that insect protein is the perfect sustainable solution, to the traditional meat and soy proteins used widely in the industry.


My Dog Has Meat Allergies: Should I Use a Vegan Diet?

Some owners turn to alternative plant proteins to try and reduce allergy or sensitivity symptoms. As previously stated, plant proteins are not the greenest choice when it comes to pet diet. However, there is more to consider than just the environmental impact.

There are some alternative plant-based diets available for dogs, however this doesn’t mean these are the right option for a more sensitive pet. Vegan diets can be lacking in important proteins and quite honestly can be a lot less appealing to our furry friends.

Insects are hypoallergenic, provide all the nutrients your pet needs, plus they are extremely tasty.

Read our Vegan Diet blog, to discover why insects are better than plants.


Our Customers Stories

What better way to show how powerful our novel insect protein can be, than by sharing stories from our customers.


Michelle & Bruce

Despite being on a grain-free diet with a high-meat content, our Rottweiler, Bruce, always had ongoing issues, including poor coat health, reoccurring eye infections, stomach problems and bouts of haemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). After switching to Yora, he looks AMAZING, and the difference has been incredible. I only wish I'd gone down this route sooner.


Pixie the Cat

My eight-year-old cat, Pixie, suffers from an unknown allergy that makes her skin itchy and irritated. After switching to Yora, this is the first time in her life that her fur is gorgeous and plush. More importantly her skin isn't causing pain or discomfort.”


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