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Insects in Pet Food: The 3 Surprising Nutritional Benefits

Published date: 12 October 2023

In honour of Halloween, it is time to get up close and personal with our favourite creepy crawly: the wonderful Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Here at Yora, we have been proudly producing nutritious insect pet food for years. Grubs really are great! With more pet owners than ever turning to this alternative protein source to fuel their furry friends.

Here are three interesting nutritional benefits of insects.

1) Insects Support Joint Health

Our pets’ joints suffer lots of trauma, pressure, and stress across their busy lives. This is why joint care is essential for any dog or cat diet.

Our tasty dry foods all contain joint care supplements. However, did you know Black Soldier Fly Larvae are naturally high in Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is present within our dogs and cats’ joints. This supportive compound aids in rebuilding damaged cartilage. Glucosamine also helps with the production of critical lubrication within the joints. Essentially, Glucosamine is the glue that holds the joint together!

Chitin is a naturally occurring fibrous polysaccharide, that forms the hard or soft covering of insects. The Chitin layer found in our grubs naturally contains a high level of glucosamine.

This means our tasty insects make not only a wonderful protein source but also provide important joint support!


2) Insects Promote Brain Health!

Our pets’ brains, much like their bodies, can decline and be affected by age. Pet food should support both the brain and the body!

This is where once again, incredible insects come to save the day. Our grubs contain lauric acid, a natural fatty acid which is also present in coconut oil.

Lauric acid is wonderful for skin and coat health, helping to promote glossy shiny fur. Alongside promoting fabulous fur, the Lauric Acid present in our grubs has also been shown to actively improve cognition in older dogs.

This fatty acid can help improve brain health and keep our furry friends thinking clearly. Check out the fascinating research here.

3) Insects Support Stool Health

Every pet owner wants their pet to have healthy, firm and of course easy to pick up poops.

The health of your pets’ stool says a lot about their health of their digestive system. Our insects are very gentle on the digestive system, making them ideal for sensitive pets and improving stool function.

Black Soldier Larvae also have antimicrobial properties, meaning they naturally have some ability to reduce harmful micro-organisms. This will aid in promoting healthy gut flora and in reducing bad bacteria.

So, for a healthy poop, harness the power of superfood insects.

We hope you have a safe Spooky Season and enjoy some beautiful autumnal walks.

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