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New Year, New Diet: How Insects can support healthier pets and a greener planet

Published date: 05 January 2024

Want a change for the new year? How about a resolution for your pet and yourself?

With YORA you can get your furry friend feeling fitter and healthier while becoming a more sustainable pet parent.

Here are the wonderful ways a switch to a novel protein can kickstart your pet's health and support your sustainability goals.


Improve your Pet's Stool Health!

What better way to start 2024 than by talking about poop…

The healthiest stools are firm and easy to pick up, making walkies and cleaning the litter tray a lot more pleasant.

Our insects are gentle and easy to digest, making them fantastic for improving the stool function of even the most sensitive pets. Black Soldier Fly Grubs have antimicrobial properties, which means they can also reduce some harmful microorganisms. Helping to stop the build-up of bad bacteria and support gut flora.


Improve your Pets Joint Health

Our furry friends put a lot of pressure and stress on their joints during their lives. Protecting our pets' joint health is essential for preventing problems in the future.

We understand the importance of joint care, so we add supplements to all our delicious dry foods.

However, did you know our insects naturally contain high levels of Glucosamine? Glucosamine is a supportive compound which helps rebuild damaged cartilage and produce critical lubrication within the joints.

Glucosamine is found in the chitin layer of insects; this is the hard or soft outer shell!

So, feeding a novel protein source won't only support their digestive health but keep them feeling fit, healthy, and ready for their next adventure.


Feel Empowered to make a Change

Here at YORA, our main goal is to create exceptionally nutritious foods for dogs and cats. Alongside this, we promote sustainability. Our protein is greener, but we also put thought into everything we do.

Did you know we are part of the Pet Sustainability Coalition? This means we are committed to implementing sustainable business practices that minimise the impact on the environment.

Part of this mission is to make it easy for pet parents to dispose of waste responsibly. This is why all Yora foods, tasty treats and dental chews are made with 100% recyclable packaging.

We want to empower people to do their bit for the planet!


Use the most Sustainable Protein Source

The key to being a greener pet parent is using a truly sustainable source of protein. All the research points to our insects being the greenest.

Did you know the insect protein used in our delicious Pâtés has a C02 footprint that is up to 24 times lower than traditional poultry?

Not only that, but our novel insect protein also uses 3x less water to farm than soy protein. Plus has a CO2 footprint that is a whopping SEVEN times lower! Soy is commonly used in vegan pet foods and as a food for livestock. Read our blog on the downsides to feeding a vegan diet.

Harness the power of novel protein and do wonders for the planet and your pet.

We hope 2024 is filled with fun for you and your furry friend.

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