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5 Benefits of Grain-Free Insect Dog Food

Published date: 21 May 2024

It's safe to say, here at Yora we are still buzzing over our newest addition: Grain Free All Breeds!

So, we thought it was the perfect time to discuss the benefits of feeding a grain-free insect-powered dog food.


1) Ultra-Digestible

Sweet Potatoes have a lot going for them, which is why we included them in our new grain-free insect dog food.

They are a fabulous source of carbohydrates for our canine companions, fuelling them with digestible slow-release energy.

This fabulous gluten-free root vegetable sits low on the Glycaemic Index. The GI Index measures the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Sweet potatoes break down slowly and release energy gradually into the bloodstream. This means your furry friend gets a consistent stream of energy and has healthier blood sugar levels.

However, that’s not all they provide. Delicious Sweet Potatoes are packed with soluble and insoluble fibres to aid stool formation. Plus, they naturally contain a high level of beta-carotene. This converts to Vitamin A in the body and supports eye health.

Sweet potatoes truly are super!


2) Naturally Hypoallergenic

Most dietary allergies are triggered by common meat proteins (chicken, beef, lamb) in traditional pet foods. Read Our Guide to Novel Protein.

Many dogs struggle with skin sensitivities due to these meat proteins. Suffering from itchy skin (paws especially), rashes, fur loss and hot spots. All that skin irritation can also lead to infection, making our furry friends even more uncomfortable.

Insects provide digestible novel protein, making them perfect for dogs who struggle with meat allergies and intolerances. Read our testimonials to find out how Yora has changed pets' lives.


3) Even More Delicious

Yora is already adored by our furry friends as insects are naturally palatable.

To make our food even more irresistible, our grain-free superfood now has the added benefit of Vegetable Gravy. This makes every kibble even tastier so even fussy pets eat their dinner!


4) Packed with Superfoods

Our grain-free insect food has been created to benefit your dog in all areas. From their skin to their digestive health. It’s packed with fibre, vitamins, and minerals.

Added Beet Pulp contains soluble and insoluble fibres to promote regular and healthy stools. Dried Carrots, Spinach and Blueberries are high in immune-boosting antioxidants. Prebiotic Chicory provides extra support for the friendly bacteria in the gut.

However, it’s not just plants that support digestive and body health. Did you know insects are GREAT for gut health too?

Insects are rich in anti-microbial peptides and chitin (a fibre found in insects). These promote healthy gut flora, support healthy stool function, and help fight off nasty bacteria.


5) Joint Support

Our canine companions' joints can suffer a lot of stress, trauma, and pressure. Keeping dogs supported is essential for reducing the chance of joint disease later in life.

One of the biggest benefits of using insects is that Black Soldier Fly Larvae are naturally high in Glucosamine; a joint-supporting compound.

Each kg of dried insect contains approximately 37,000mg of glucosamine. This supportive supplement helps rebuild damaged cartilage and helps create critical lubrication. Glucosamine is the glue that holds the joint together!

Alongside the natural inclusion of Glucosamine, our grain-free insect diet also contains Chondroitin. This joint care supplement protects the joint from damage and acts like a shock absorber.

So, there you have it, grain-free insect food is digestible, delicious, hypoallergenic, and packed with supportive ingredients.

Tell us how your pooch is getting on with their insect-powered grain-free food over on Facebook and Instagram.


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