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Insect Pet Food & Sustainability

Published date: 07 March 2024

We often shout about the fabulous nutritional benefits of our insects. Today, however, our focus is on the ethos that Yora was built upon. Sustainability lies at the core of everything we do, and our mission is to make pet food greener and greater.

So, how does switching to insect help the planet? And what are we doing to limit OUR environmental impact?

How can pet food be sustainable?

Traditional pet foods still use common meats such as chicken and beef. This is why many pet foods struggle with sustainability. According to the United Nations, meat production is responsible for the highest greenhouse gas emissions. Not only that but the meat industry causes immense levels of global deforestation.

Taking a closer look at our dog's dinner is part of the solution for a greener pet food industry. Our insect suppliers Protix are experts at combining innovative technology with low-impact ingredients.

With their expertise, in less than 10 days an area of only 20 square metres, ONE TONNE of nutritious grubs can be grown. Harvesting insect protein simply takes less energy, water, and space than other forms of meat.

We even did the maths and currently (March 2024) by feeding insect powered pet food, our customers have saved… 13,422,155kg of C02!

Check out our live C02 calculator on our website for the up to date figure.

Insect pet food is a huge environmentally friendly step forward within the traditional pet food industry.


Insect vs Plants: Who is Greener?

Many pet owners look to plant based foods to reduce their pawprint. However insects are by far the greenest choice.

Soy is the most commonly used alternative protein in vegan and vegetarian dog foods. When comparing soy protein to insect protein, there is a huge difference in both the land and water needed for production, not to mention the pesticides, herbicides and other substances used in most arable agriculture.

According to peer reviewed research from 2022 soya protein (compared against our insect protein) produces SEVEN times more C02 and uses THREE times more water.

Using a plant based dog food might seem like a greener choice but the truth is, insects are not only more sustainable, they are much more nutritious too.

Read about the nutritional benefits of grubs.



Recyclable Pet Food Packaging

A shocking 99% of all pet food and treat packets end up in landfills.

So, we ensure that all the packaging from our tasty insect dry foods, palatable grub pates and delicious healthy treats is 100% recyclable. By making every bag, packet, and carton recyclable, we have made it easier for pet parents to do their best for the planet.

Another way we support the planet, is by working with two fantastic organisations to reduce deforestation. These are The Southern Cardamom Rainforest Project in Cambodia and The Kariba Project in Zimbawee. These associations protect these important habitats and keep the rainforest safe from illegal logging and poaching.

We will continue to strive for sustainability in all that we do.

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