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Kitten Care: 5 Expert Tips for New Kitten Owners

Published date: 08 April 2024

Bringing home a tiny purring bundle of fur soon? We are very jealous but of course on hand for the very best advice.

To help you start your pet parent journey on the right paw, here are 5 tips for new kitten owners.


1) Buy the Kitten Essentials

There will be many expenses across your cat’s lifetime, including endless amounts of toys. For now, it is important to get the essential items your kitten will need when they first join your household.

- Food and water bowls (food and water should be kept apart and water fountains are worth the extra money!)

- A complete, natural kitten food. Insect protein is fantastic for growing kittens and our Yora Kitten contains added joint care for extra support! Read our Kitten Feeding blog for more nutrition advice.

- Soft comfortable sleeping spaces.

- Strong sturdy scratching posts – don’t be tempted to buy a kitten post. Small scratchers will be grown out of quickly and cats need somewhere to dig their claws into. The best scratcher is one with a heavy thick base.

- A litter tray and high-quality litter. It is best to stick to the litter they are used to at first. Keep in mind litter trays should be placed somewhere quiet and comfortable.

- A brush and other grooming tools.

2) Set up a Safe Cat-Friendly Space

It is best to keep your tiny feline in one room when you first get them home. This will give them the chance to get used to their new environment. Pop their litter tray on one side of the room, as far away as you can from food and water. Cats tend to prefer toileting, eating and drinking spaces to be separate.

Make sure there is somewhere for them to hide if they feel nervous, it is worth keeping the carrier in the room and adding a cosy box or two. Pop a few toys out for them to bat around and enjoy.

Once your cat has got over their initial worry, they will likely start exploring and playing. Kittens are a lot of things and mischievous is one of them! Make sure any hazards are safely kept away, such as cables or toxic flowers.

Allow your kitten to take their time getting used to the new environment. Once they start showing confidence in their surroundings, you can slowly introduce them to other areas of the house.

3) Brush and Bond with your Kitten!

It is incredibly worthwhile introducing your kitten to the grooming process early.

Cats spend around 15% of their lives grooming, but this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t help them. Regular brushing will reduce the chance of hairballs, keep their skin healthy and prevent matting.

Slowly introduce the brushing process to your kitten. Start with a soft brush and gently stroke them with it when they are relaxed. The best time is when they are curled up asleep on you.

Regular brushing is great for their physical health, and it will also bond you and your feline friend closer together.

4) Book Regular Vet Visits

Kittens will need vaccinations, neutering or spaying and from June 2024 legally require a microchip.

Remember kittens will also need regular flea and worm treatments. Younger cats will need more frequent treatments but remember cats need parasitic protection for life.

5) Keep your Kitten Indoors

Some owners decide to keep their cats indoors permanently which reduces the risk of accidents outside. Providing you are giving your cat enough time, attention, and love this can be a great choice.

However, many owners allow their cats to roam outside. It is essential kittens are not let outside until at least five months old and fully vaccinated/neutered. Kittens are small and curious and are more likely to get themselves into trouble.

When you first start letting your kitty explore, go outside with them! Encourage them to return to you by calling them and offering them a treat (or a few tasty Yora Kitten biscuits!)

Cover any areas that might prove hazardous (ponds for example) and keep a close eye on your cat. Accidents are more likely to happen in the evening, so it may be worth keeping them safely inside overnight.

We wish you the best of luck on your new kitten adventure.
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