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New Year, New Yora

Published date: 01 February 2024

Over the past few months, we have been working hard to craft a new grain-free complete food.

Alongside our new grain-free food, we have made some changes to our current range to continue to provide the very best for pets. We are thrilled to have Yora Explorers along for the next step in our nutrition journey.

Here is what you need to know about our exciting new changes.

Our New Grain-Free Recipe

We have had requests from many dog owners asking for a grain-free complete option to suit their more sensitive pets. Our delicious grain-free recipe contains no maize and the standard oats have been replaced with Sweet Potato.

This nutrient-packed root vegetable is fantastic for bowel and digestive health. Providing dogs with a blend of insoluble and soluble fibres to support stool formation. Sweet Potato is also a fabulous source of slow-release energy. Sitting low on the Glycaemic Index, Sweet Potato breaks down slowly and releases sugar (energy) steadily into the bloodstream.

As if that wasn’t enough to sell Sweet Potato to you, they are also packed with Vitamin A. A natural antioxidant (Beta-Carotene) creates the iconic orange flesh of a Sweet Potato. This is then converted to Vitamin A, which supports vision and maintains eye health.
We are sure this new addition will be a firm favourite with your canine companion.

Alongside our new Grain Free recipe, we have also been updating our current Yora Dog range. Our mission has always been to provide the most nutritious and delicious foods possible for our beloved furry friends.

So, here are the exciting changes that will be coming up later in the year.

Adding Vegetable Gravy

Our Yora Cat and Kitten recipes have utilised this ingredient since their creation. We are now adding vegetable gravy to our entire dog range, including our new Grain-free food.

This gravy helps further boost palatability, making every kibble even more delicious. Perfect for those fussy dogs!

Removing Maize and Peas

Both Maize and Peas have been removed from the updated Yora recipes. We have replaced these with Sweet Potato or higher levels of Potato, Beet Pulp and Naked Oats.

Beet Pulp is incredibly high in both soluble and insoluble fibre, helping promote regular bowel movement and encourage proper stool formation. Naked Oats provide a wonderful source of slow-release energy and a burst of vitamins.

This will be perfect for owners looking to be pea-free and wanting a hypoallergenic diet.


Added Blueberry

We have added Dried Blueberry to all our dry dog recipes. This wonderful little blue fruit does wonders for dog health and sits alongside our other botanicals.

Blueberry is packed with Vitamin K which supports heart health, as well as being a great source of antioxidants.

Our amazing superfood insects are not going anywhere. The heart of our recipes remains the same, with no changes to the amount of insect protein being used.
We are sure your dogs will love our new Yora Dry food even more!


Do I Need to Transition?

Most dogs will be able to transition from old to new Yora straight away. However, if your dog is extra sensitive, it will be worth doing a slow transition.

Add a small amount of new Yora every other day and stretch the transition out over 14 days.


We have also taken the opportunity to give our 100% recyclable bags a revamp. So, keep an eye out for our beautiful new packaging.

Got questions? Chat with us over on Facebook and Instagram.



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