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Cornwall Search Dogs & Yora

Published date: 22 August 2023

Here at Yora we recently supported the wonderful Cornwall Search Dogs. We are keen to shout about the fantastic work this charity achieves and spread coastal safety awareness.



Who are the Cornwall Search Dogs? 

This charity was set up in 2020 by previous members of the Mountain and Lowland Rescue teams, including two volunteers who are retired police dog handlers. 


The entire rescue team has a wealth of knowledge and experience in dog training and search techniques.


There are currently 4 dogs (Maizy, Holly, Lexi & Tegann) who are used to search for lost pups and people along the Cornish Coastline.


The dog and human volunteers are dedicated to helping those who need it the most. Their objectives are:


·      To provide a dedicated emergency search service consisting of appropriately trained dogs and volunteers to help save lives.

·      To assist and support the emergency services in the search and rescue of missing persons in Cornwall.

·      To relieve the unnecessary suffering of animals by searching for lost dogs.



How Do They Search?

The fabulous dogs at Cornwall Search Dogs are trained in the art of Mantrailing.


This training allows them to find an individual human or dog in exchange for their favourite reward (either tasty food or their much-loved toy).


The dogs use their natural ability to follow scents like they would for prey. The training of these dogs ensures their sole focus is on that individual lost person or pet, rather than being distracted by other everyday scents.


The Cornwall Search Dogs were called out to 55 missing dogs in 2022, with many being found and reunited with their owners.



How Does Yora Support Cornwall Search Dogs? 

We were incredibly impressed with the dedication shown by the volunteers and dogs at this charity and wanted to do our bit to help. 


In July, we donated a drone to help with future rescue efforts along the Cornish coastlines. The aptly named Yora the Explorer can get to the harder to reach areas and support the dogs and people on the ground.


We hope Yora the Explorer goes on to reunite many lost dogs with their owners!


Alongside helping the Cornwall Search Dogs from the air, we also help fill their bowls! We supply all the Cornwall Search Dogs with delicious Yora to keep their muscles strong, give them much needed energy and fill their tummies with tasty nutritious insects. 


To help our friends over at Cornwall Search Dogs, head over here to donate or volunteer.


How To Keep Safe by the Coast

Our time spent with Cornwall Search Dogs has certainly encouraged us to be more safety aware whilst on the beach and in coastal areas.


Here are some top safety tips for keeping you and your much-loved canine companions safe:


1)    Always Check Tide Times


Tide times will fluctuate across the month, so always double check before heading out on that beach walk.


2)    Keep Your Dog on a Lead


Whilst walking along beautiful coastal pathways, ensure your dog is secured and on a lead. It can be easy for dogs and people to trip and fall on rocky and uneven ground.


Check warnings and signage before every walk and keep your pooch close.


3)    Beware of Hot Sand!


Many of us have done the hot sand dance whilst enjoying a beach day out. Remember our dogs’ paws much like our feet can burn!


If you cannot stand on the sand comfortably, neither can your pooch. The digging will have to wait for another day…


4)   Prevent Dogs Drinking Seawater


Dogs can be notorious for gulping down any water they see. Seawater can be dangerous as it can lead to sickness and saltwater poisoning.


Keep a close eye on your dog and always ensure they have fresh water and a tasty treat on hand throughout the day.



We hope you and your dog safely enjoy the beautiful coastlines of the UK.


Head over to Facebook and Instagram to see our drone in action! 




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