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Say Hello To Yora Cat Complete Sustainable Food

Published date: 10 August 2021

It’s finally here. After purr-fecting the recipe in our test kitchen, we’ve added Yora Cat to our range of sustainable pet food. Cats devoured the delicious new crunchy kibble in taste tests, so we’re sure your feline friends will love it too!

Just like our planet-friendly dog food, Yora Cat is a complete food made with natural insect protein. Packed with all the essential amino acids (including Taurine), fats and minerals cats need, the grubs we use (Hermetia Illucens) are the most digestible and sustainable form of protein on the planet. We’ve also added other healthy ingredients, herbs, botanicals to create a balanced, hypoallergenic diet for adult cats, including…

Oats and beetroot
Rich in soluble fibre, these are good for gut mobility and keeping hairballs at bay.

A sustainable superfood that has vitamins, minerals, folate, calcium and phosphorus for gut health, strong bones and thyroid health.

Glucosamine & chondroitin extracts
For protecting their joints – important for all the acrobatics cats get up to!

Chicory pulp
An excellent prebiotic that promotes healthy gut flora


We chose plant-based ingredients that are energy efficient to grow and even sourced our oats from the farm next door to keep food miles down. Yora Cat also doesn’t contain any meat, fish protein or oils, which is an important factor for our vegan and vegetarian customers.

So, if you care about the planet and want to hear your little friend purring with joy, why not give Yora Cat a try?


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