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5 Fun Ways To Feed Your Dog Yora

Published date: 11 July 2022

Feeding your dog in creative ways is a great enrichment activity that lets them explore their natural instincts, prevents boredom and provides a mental challenge at mealtimes. So, why not try these fun feeding ideas with our insect-powered dog food?



Create a healthy frozen treat with Yora Gourmet Paté. Simply smear it inside an interactive puzzle toy, place in the freezer for a couple of hours, then remove and pop in a few biscuits. Your dog will love licking it and trying to get the tempting food out, plus it helps keep them cooler in warm weather.



When dogs use their noses to search for tasty snacks, it tires them out, so why not scatter your dog’s food a few times a week? Throw a handful of kibble onto the floor or in the garden if the weather’s nice. They’ll have a great time sniffing out every piece!

If you have a spare towel, you could even hide some treats underneath it for your dog to paw and claw out.



Got an old Yorkshire pudding tray? Or a silicone ice-cube tray? Both make great puzzle feeders! Repurposing old kitchen utensils is a budget-friendly way to keep your pooch entertained and better for the planet, too.

Pop a Yorkshire pudding tray on the floor (or even upside down!) then spread a dollop of Yora Paté in the grooves, or alternate with Yora biscuits or their favourite Yora Rewards treats. This fun game will excite your dog’s senses and help slow down their eating.

Alternatively, pull out an old silicone ice-cube tray from the freezer. Give it a wash, then fill the holes with Yora Paté for a homemade lick mat.


Feeling inspired? Share your unique ways of feeding Yora by tagging us on social media, using #yoraexplorers.

And if you’re curious about Yora Paté, check out our previous blog post to find out why it’s so nutritious.


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