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3 Tips for Sustainable Travel with your Dog

Published date: 15 June 2023

In the spirit of World Environment Day, we are turning our attention to promoting sustainability during the summer. Many of us are looking forward to going on adventures with our furry friends during the warmer months.

Whatever you are doing and wherever you are going, there are certainly ways to make your travel more sustainable.

Here are 3 tips for a super sustainable summer holiday:


1) Pack Environmentally Friendly Products

Bring all your everyday earth conscious products with you. Some greener pet products might be harder to find at your travel destination. Pop your treats, food and other necessities in reusable tubs, or cloth packaging.

Eco friendly poop bags

Our advice is to always bring a LOT more of these than you think you will need. If you are leaving the country make sure to check the rules on dog waste before you travel. All poops should be picked up, but some countries may require specific bins or areas to be used to dispose of the waste.

Nutritious Eco-Friendly Pet Food

Travel can be stressful on our pets and a change of diet can be very difficult on their digestive system.

If travelling in the UK, you can stock up on Yora Complete Dry Food before you go, or check the area you are travelling to for our trusted stockists.

If you are travelling outside the UK, remember rules have changed on travelling with meat and/or dairy pet food products into the EU.

Currently meat-based pet foods (including insect) are only allowed to be taken if needed for a health-related reason and signed off by a vet. Any accepted pet food must be intended for the pet travelling with the passenger, must not require refrigeration and must be sealed unless in current use. The maximum amount of pet food allowed is 2kg.

Check the current pet food rules before you travel.


2) Consider a Staycation!

Reduce the air miles (and cost!) and look for exciting places to go right here in the UK.

There are so many beautiful areas to explore with your dog, for help head over to Best British Dog Walks. These are owner reviewed dog walks, from woodland areas to seaside stays, that can help you pick the best place to take your pooch.

Travelling in the UK is a great way to discover more about this country and help reduce impact on the planet.


3) Go Car Free!

Change your travel habits and use public transport to get to your next exciting destination. Both trains and buses allow dogs to come on board and this often is a much more relaxing way to travel. Sit back with a sandwich and watch the world pass by!

Remember to stock up on calming treats such as Yora Dreamers to help keep your dog stress free.

If you are taking your dog for an active holiday, keep their energy up by always having a Yora Protein Bar in your backpack. These tasty insect bars provide amazing on the go nutrition and are the perfect way to give your dog a boost of energy after exploring.

We hope you have an exciting summer adventure with your pet. Let us know if you have any other sustainable travel tips by tagging us on social media and using #yoraexplorers.


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