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5 Reasons Why We're Using Tetrapak Cartons For Our Wet Dog Food

Published date: 11 February 2022

Yora Pâté has certainly been tickling dogs’ tastes buds since our launch. The wholesome hypoallergenic insect wet food has proved to be incredibly nutritious and delicious.

However, it’s not just the health benefits and the palatability, that set our insect powered wet food apart. Our TetraPak carton packaging is easy to use and supports our mission to be kinder to the planet.

Responsibly sourced
Yora Pâté cartons are made with renewable paper and wood fibre sources, that are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) certified. This means you can be assured all material being used is sourced and used responsibly.

Better for the environment
These cartons have an 85% lower carbon footprint than the steel cans typically used in pet food production. Being made with fibrous plant-based materials, these absorb c02 from the environment as they grow, unlike traditional fossil-based materials. Meaning much like our food, this packaging has a significantly lower environmental impact.

Lower transport costs
They also weigh much less than steel cans and their cube shape means they fit better in our delivery boxes. In fact, an impressive 35000 packs fit on just one pallet! This maximising of space means there are much fewer lorry loads!

Easily Recycled
Of course, this packaging couldn’t be as sustainable without the ability to recycle. Yora Pâté cartons are widely recycled, including kerbside, making it easier than ever to get your pet packaging reused.

Conveniently Eco Friendly
Alongside being the most sustainable choice in wet food packaging, our cartons are designed to be more convenient to use. The cartons are easy and quick to open, with no ring pulls or any need for tools. Of course, as far as dogs are concerned the quicker dinner is served the better!


Sustainability really is essential to us in all we do and create. From the carefully selected ethical ingredients in our foods to the environmentally conscious packaging we put them in.

For more info on our new Gourmet Grub wet food, check out our previous blog.


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