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How To Support Wildlife In Autumn

Published date: 31 October 2022

At Yora we have a love for pets AND the planet. Our ethos is to do everything we can to support the nature that surrounds us.

With a chill finally in the air and leaves on the floor, we are turning our attention to helping wildlife during these beautiful Autumn months.


Help the Hedgehogs

This beloved creature is a real symbol of British Wildlife, and sadly over the years their numbers have decreased. However, we can all do something to help protect this species. Our spiky friends traditionally hibernate from October/ November through to Spring. During these last few weeks before they settle down, they need the best nutrition to build up their fat preserves to keep them healthy through winter. Did you know Hedgehogs benefit from an extra source of food during Spring and Summer too?

If you want to go the extra mile, Yora Adult Cat provides a brilliant nutritional meal for our much beloved hogs. Black Soldier Fly Larvae have the perfect balance of phosphorus and calcium to support bone structure, are a fantastic healthy source of fat and this diet is packed with fibre to aid in bowel function. Our grubs really are great...


Build an Insect Hotel

We appreciate more than most the importance of bugs within our ecosystem. The mini beasts that live in our parks, woods and gardens are vital to supporting all other wildlife. Bees look for shelter during late Autumn and Winter and ants, beetles, spiders, and all manner of creatures will appreciate a safe space to thrive.

Insect Hotels require no room service, are easy to make and are the perfect habitat for bugs. Cut open a washed-out Milk Carton and fill with moss, sticks, cardboard tubes, and pinecones and simply pop in your garden or green area!


Keep your Garden Messy!

Tempting as it is to sweep up all the loose leaves and tidy up in the garden, remember your garden is a wildlife haven. Hedgehogs use fallen leaves as nesting material, so leave piles around your garden for this purpose.

If you don’t have leaves, this is the perfect opportunity to gather up some from your local park. Unused plant pots and bunches of twigs and sticks provide great shelters for animals and nesting materials for birds.

Even keeping some grass and shrubbery long provides cover and encourages invertebrates which provide food for garden visitors. Sometimes a bit of mess isn’t a bad thing and goes a long way in supporting wildlife.

Remember you don’t need a garden to support and do your bit for nature. Taking part in community efforts to help local wildlife and supporting wildlife rehabilitation centres is a positive step to make this Autumn.


Let us know what you do for wildlife in your area by tagging us on social media and use #yoraexplorers to help spread the word! Looking for advice to help your beloved dog or cat? Check out our previous blogs.




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