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Join Our Ethical Breeder Club

Published date: 16 July 2021

Are you an exceptional dog breeder who shares a passion for Yora and reducing your carbon pawprint? Then why not join our Ethical Breeder Club?

Members receive a generous 60% off our Breeder range of insect-based dog food, Carbon Credits that earn rewards, a Puppy Pack to give new owners, with a handy guide to settling in their new pup, and a branded tote bag filled with Yora food! Not bad, eh?

As an alternative protein source, there are lots of reasons why Yora is better for pets and the planet, and it’s perfect for feeding growing pups and bitches to help them thrive. Studies show that antioxidant properties of insect protein reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and protect against allergies, so puppies are less likely to develop intolerances.

We started the Ethical Breeder Club to raise awareness about responsible breeding and do our bit to tackle the skyrocketing number of rescue dogs. All our members appreciate the importance of sustainable nutrition, DNA profiling, health testing and giving puppies the care they deserve.

If you’re a responsible breeder who shares these values and is interested in joining our community, we’d love to hear from you. Head to our Ethical Breeder Club to discover how to join, what makes the club unique and how you can earn rewards.


Penny is having her 2nd litter of KC Hungarian Vizsla puppies at the end of September.


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