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Kitten Feeding Guide For New Cat Owners

Published date: 02 August 2022

Having a tiny cat in the house is a fun, sometimes chaotic and often heart-warming experience.

However, with all the cuteness, comes the stress of being a new cat owner. There are lots to learn when you first take on a kitten, especially when it comes to dinnertime.

To help you get food right for your feline, we have put together an easy feeding guide.



Kittens do not stay kittens for long. In fact, by the time your cat reaches seven months, they are almost at their full adult size. Providing your feline with a balanced, nutritious, appropriate life stage diet, will help them grow into a strong cat.

Our Yora Kitten is made with 62% ethically farmed insect, a fantastic and palatable source of digestible protein and fat. These delicious grubs also have some anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory benefits, which supports the immune system and benefits the brain of a growing kitten.

We have combined the immense benefits of insect, with lots of fibrous vegetables, a healthy dose of insect oil, and some joint care, to provide a food that is packed with everything a growing kitten needs.



Did you know a cat’s stomach is roughly the size of a ping pong ball? Our kitties are designed to graze rather than guzzle.

Kittens will eat more than their adult counterparts to help them grow. Due to the size of their stomach and grazing habit, they require regular small meals spread throughout the day.

Most cats will wander back and forth to their food across the day, however, if your kitty is a guzzler, try spreading their kibble out into 4-5 meals.

Remember to get creative sometimes with the way you feed, mental and physical enrichment is cheap and easy to create.

Got a spare shallow cardboard box? Cut some holes in the top (enough space for a pesky paw to slide through), a couple in the sides, and then stick a few biscuits and a couple of toys inside. There you have it, instant entertainment for both you and your kitten!

Have you checked out our previous blog on fun ways to feed? Pssst, these ways work for cats too!



Yora Kitten has a handy feeding guideline to make it easy to measure out their meals.

For kittens, the aim is to allow them to grow into a strong healthy adult. Kittens start by gaining around 10-14grams per day.

Remember to regularly weigh your kitten and keep doing this routinely throughout their life. By getting them on the scales often, you will notice those small changes, making it easier to keep them at a healthy weight.

Body scoring can also be incredibly helpful for checking the weight and condition of your cat. By viewing your cat from the side, from above and by stroking down their body you can easily tell if they are getting a tad too chunky.

A healthy cat should have a visible waist, a belly that tucks upwards and the ribs should not be seen but can be felt.


We are so excited to bring insect-powered food to kittens. If your brand-new furry friend is being nourished by grubs, tag us and let us know on social media.

If you have a distinguished older cat, why not check out Yora Adult Cat.


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