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Puppy Feeding Guide For New Dog Owners

Published date: 25 March 2022

From picking the puppy, to bringing the puppy home, to their first bath and first walk, having a brand-new furry friend is a truly heart-warming experience.

However, we know the stress that comes with being a new puppy owner, especially around feeding. Knowing what to feed, how often to feed and how much to give can be difficult.

So, we are here to set your food worries aside and dish out some advice on feeding those precious pups.



Puppies grow exceptionally quickly; they really don’t remain little for long! All this growing requires a balanced diet that’s designed to nourish and support puppies’ needs.

Our Yora Puppy Complete Food was created to provide owners with an ethical and yet equally nutritious option for growing puppies.

Insects provide exceptional quality protein to strengthen muscles and enable pups to grow into healthy strong adults. Our puppy food also contains an incredible level of algae-derived DHA, which is an Omega 3 Fatty acid needed for brain health and concentration. This will certainly make learning all those tricks much easier!

To top it off our Puppy diet contains a brilliant dose of joint care (Glucosamine and Chondroitin) to support the hard-working limbs of even the biggest pup

Remember to always introduce new diets gently and gradually to your new furry family member.



As well as getting the food right, it’s important to feed your pup an appropriate amount each day. The good news is that each bag of Yora Puppy has a handy feeding guide, to help you keep your puppies feeling full.

Keeping track of your puppies’ weight and body condition is key in working out if you are feeding too little or too much. Body scoring is simple to do and can be the key to keeping your furry friend as healthy as possible.

Firstly, look at your pooch from above, check to see if their waist goes in at the sides just above their hips.

Secondly, look from the side and check if their tummy tucks and slopes gently upwards.

Lastly, give your pooch a stroke down the sides, you should be able to lightly feel the ribs but not see them. By doing this regularly alongside weighing, you can be assured that your pup is growing into a strong healthy happy adult.



Puppies have an admirable appetite and require a lot of nourishment in their younger years. Younger dogs require more meals per day than their adult counterparts.

Giving your canine companion three to four meals a day at first will give them the energy they need to grow and explore the world. As they grow older you can reduce these meals down, to whatever best suits you and your dog’s lifestyle.

Remember to sometimes make feeding more fun! Try scatter feeding or use an interactive treat toy to enrich your pooch mentally and physically.


We are proud to be powering up puppies around the UK. Check out our listing for more information on our palatable puppy food.

We love pups so much that we set up an Ethical Breeders club, if you are interested find out more here.


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