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Top 3 Tips To Get Rid Of Bad Dog Breath

Published date: 07 December 2022

There are many joys to being a dog owner. Smelly dog breath, however, is certainly not one of them. Many owners face the difficulty of dealing with bad teeth and horrible breath across their canines' lifetime.

Did you know 82% of dogs aged between 6-8 have some form of dental disease? Smelly breath is just the start of the issues, with dogs suffering from sore mouths, bleeding gums and wobbly teeth as dental problems worsen.

To prevent dental problems and to save yourselves from smelly dog kisses, it is important to keep their teeth squeaky clean. Here are some tips to keep their breath smelling sweet.


Get to Basics with Brushing

Brushing pets' teeth can certainly be a challenge but there is no denying the benefits of including this, within your weekly or daily routine.

The key is to make sure your pooch is properly desensitised to the tooth brushing process. Each step should be introduced slowly and with lots of praise and positivity.

  1. Start by introducing pet safe toothpaste on your fingertip and letting them lick.
  2. When they are happy licking toothpaste, get them used to having something in their mouth. Gently close their muzzle and rub your toothpaste covered fingertip across their teeth.
  3. From here you can gently introduce the brush itself. Starting by lifting their lips and delicately cleaning their canines (fang like teeth). Keep gradually including more teeth until you can comfortably brush their whole mouth. This can be done over a few weeks.

Remember to keep things positive and stop if your dog becomes uncomfortable.

Psst: Even if you don’t manage to start cleaning your dog’s teeth, remember checking them regularly will give you a better understanding of their dental health.


Use A Supportive Dental Chew

Although tooth brushing is great, it can be difficult for all owners to achieve this with their dog. So, the question often remains, how can I keep my dogs' teeth clean without brushing?

The inclusion of dental chews in their routine goes a long way in keeping their teeth healthy. Our Dental Insect Sticks have been designed to provide your pooch with extra dental protection.

Made with our trademark nutritious Black Soldier Fly Grubs, added mint for freshness and fibres that give extra crunch and roughness, for a deeper clean.

Alongside all this, included is a specific dental supplement called Sodium Hexametaphosphate. This mineral will help to soften plaque and reduce tartar formation in the mouth.

Psst: Did you know chewing also makes dogs feel happy? Chewing releases endorphins (feel good hormones) to the brain, so chewing makes our furry friends feel relaxed and rewarded.


Feed the Right Diet

Diet plays a huge role in the dental health of our pets. The best diets will support the mouth and aid in keeping teeth clean.

Crunchy nutritious insect biscuits not only taste delicious, they will also help scrape away that pesky plaque.

However, it's not just our abrasive kibbles that can aid in keeping the mouth and body healthy. Did you know insects are a superfood? As it turns out our grubs are pretty powerful…

Studies have shown that Hermetia Illucens (our beloved insect) has strong antioxidant properties. This means they support the immune system and can aid in reducing inflammation across the body. This means your canine companion is even better at fighting off nasty bacteria and disease!

So, there you have it, some handy tips to keep in mind for keeping teeth clean and preventing bad dog breath.


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